3D YW Rules

Last updated on April 30th, 2021 at 02:40 pm

These are the 3DYW rules. If you do not agree to the rules, delete the game from your device.

1. Spamming.

Spamming is considered the habit of sending several messages under a short amount of time, or sending long messages containing random characters such as back quotes and things to make the engine do things it wasn’t designed to do, messages that crash the screen readers, changing the nickname again and again, or use nicknames that might be misleading, or anything else related or around that.
If you spamm, you will be warned once to stop. If you don’t , you will be jailed. Failing to stop even after a jailing will result in a ban, also, we will take an action related to your spams. Note, the crash codes will be detected, if that happens, you will get an automatic temp ban for 2 minutes, and will be banned up to 1 hour.

2. Chatting.

The chat is a way of socializing with other players. However, the following will not be tolerated, and could result in a chat disabled, jail, or a ban at the end, with likely no warnings at all.
Insulting / harassing other players is certainly not tolerated, and you will be banned with no warning.
Sexually harassing or assaulting other players, or slandering, is certainly not allowed either, and you will be banned without warning as well.
Discussion of clones, forks, or cracks are not taken lightly on 3DYW. If you find someone is doing this, speak up and say so. This includes discussion in general, link sharing, source code, etc. We do not need people like that on the game. They will be likely banned with minimal warnings given.
Unnecessary topics, such as sexual means, murder, rape, drugs, etc. These kinds of topics do not serve a purpose on 3DYW.
If you are going to talk about such means, use PM, local map chat, or don’t even talk about them at all.
Failing to comply will lead to your chats disabled, or possibly a jailing or banning.
Note, if a player tells you to stop something that they find offensive, you are complied to do so. We want everyone to have a fair and fun time on 3DYW, and we do not need people ruining it for players. If an admin notices that you are continuously targeting the player with the same thing, such as name calling, calling someone out for past means, etc, you will be warned to stop. Failing to do so will have consequences, depending on the severity.
If an admin restricts your chatting feature, it is because you have said something severe. If an admin disables this feature, you can not create a new account to get around the restriction, or else you will be jailed. Failing to stop even after such will result in a ban.

3. Admins and Ranks

Asking for the admin rank or any other ranks in the game, is certainly not allowed. You will be warned for this, and if you continue after being warned, you will be banned.
Administrators are a way to help you on 3DYW. They will be there to support you and defend you if possible.
However, if you feel that an admin is doing something in the wrong, or is breaking any of the above rules, contact Hamad, found in the readme.
If an administrator asks you to stop, you are bound to do so. Continuing will result in consequences depending on the severity.

4. Jailing.

When you’re in jail, it is because you did something wrong. Your jail time is to take time and reflect upon what you did.
You will not do any of the following during your jail period.
Ask to be released from jail regardless of the jail period length. You could have your chat features disabled for this one, but it could definitely lead to a ban as well.
Create a different account to try and get around your jail period. You will be banned for this.

5. map creation.

maps are a fun way to engage with other players on 3DYW via exploration. However, the following actions will not be taken lightly.
Creating a map to intentionally spam the server. For example, creating a map and placing several sound sources on it for spam. You won’t be necessarily banned for this, but you will be warned and that map will be deleted.
Making a map that is less than 3 tiles and placing a hazard on it that kills you instantly. Again, you won’t necessarily be banned for this action, but we will ask you to remove the hazard. If you do not comply, we will remove the hazard.

6. Cheating.

Cheating involves the action of creating or modifying in-game scripts, using non-human key presses, decompiling and modifying game values, etc.
You will not do any of these actions listed above, or you will be banned. No warnings will be given out.

7. Accounts and sharing.

Each player is to have one account, and one account only while playing 3d YW.
You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. If you are having issues and have no choice, contact an admin or master at once and we will figure out the problem.
Sharing of passwords, and or using someone else’s account to gain access to the game will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban.
Examples of this are. You were temp banned or jailed and use some one else’s account to play.
Your chat feature was disabled, so you use your friends account to log into the game.

Deleting and recreate your account to change some values like: the temp ban from the bot due to the crash words or anything else, will result a jail. Continuing will be ban.

Note: We are not responsible for the following events.

1. Passwords.

If you set an easy-to-guess password for the hacker, and they can have the right to use your account.
So, please make sure they won’t be able to hack your password by setting up a code that contains letters, numbers that are difficult to guess, and that you can remember.
To prevent events that may occur

If you believe these rules are too strict, please speak up. We want everyone to have a fair chance at playing the game.