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What is 3DYW?

3DYW, or Three dimensional (Your World), is a 3D building game, in which your task is to build and try out maps using various available surfaces, ambiences, and walls.
If you are a player of SBYW, you will be very familiar with how this game works, otherwise, stick around to know how to play.

To launch 3DYW, locate the file named “3dyw” or “3dyw.exe” in the directory, and press Enter. You will be placed in the main menu.

The following options are available in the main menu.

  • Connection menu: This brings you to the connection menu, where you can create an account and start playing the game.
  • Game Settings: This takes you to the settings screen to customize game preferences.
  • Restart the game: This closes the game and opens it again automatically.
  • Exit: This will close the game.

2.1. Connection Menu

In the connection menu, you will be presented with the following options.

  • Sign In: Allows you to sign into the game, assuming you already have an account.
  • Sign in As: Allows you to sign in with a different account.
  • New Account: Takes you to the new account creation process, where you can create your account with a username and password.
  • Go back: Goes back to the main menu. Alternatively, hit Escape.

2.2. Game Settings

In the Game Settings menu, you will be presented with the following options.

  • Enable/Disable sidescrolling: This allows you to control whether you want to move through the menu with left and right arrows, or up and down arrows.
  • Enable/Disable buffer logging: This allows you to change whether you’d like the game to log your buffers while you are connected to the server.
  • Enable/Disable loading the sounds to the ram from the map data. This option makes the game to load the current map DATA like the sounds in to your ram computer, to make the game more fast, but will do lag wile loading the maps.
  • Enable/Disable the beeping while loading the map. This option will start the beep percentage while loading any map, that will be helpful if you need to load a big map. Note, might make the loading slow a bit.
  • Select speech mode: Allows you to select wich speech mode you want to use, between Auto and SAPI.
  • Select output device; this allows you to select where the game audio routes to on your system.
  • Go back: Goes back to the main menu. Alternatively, hit Escape.

3. The Game

Once you log onto the server, you will be on the main map. This is where you will return when you have completed or are done with a certain map.

Use the following keystrokes to play the game.

  • Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys: Moves you around the map respectively.
  • Space: Jumps.
  • B: Checks your zone. Zones are used to know what area you are currently placed on in the map.
  • H: Checks your health.
  • A, increases the volume of sound sources
  • d, decreases the volume of sound sources
  • home, increases the main game volume.
  • end, decreases the main game volume.
  • P: accesses to the builder menu if you are authorized to contribute on that map.
  • Shift+P: Checks if there are any players around you.
  • M: Speaks the map name.
  • Slash: Opens an input box, where you can type a message to chat, or other game commands.
  • Shift+Slash or L key: Opens an input box, you can type a message to the local chat. Only players on the map you are on will see the message.
  • Alt+Slash: opens an input box , that you can paste your command and send it without having to type /. E.g. rawmap.
  • Alt +N, creates a new map.
  • Enter or Enter key in the side number pad: interacts with things, signs, doors, travel points, clocks, etc.
  • C. Checks your current coordinates.
  • F1: Checks who’s online.
  • F2: Checks the message of the day.
  • F3: Checks your connection b/etween the server and your connection!
  • F4: Gives you the server uptime.
  • F5: toggles the speech mode.
  • K: Checks where the current tracked player’s location is.
  • O: opens a menu to track a zone.
  • V: Tracks the zone location.
  • F6: Toggles the online and offline alerts on or off.
  • F7: Toggles the reading of messages on or off.
  • F8: Toggles the sound of signs on or off.
  • F9: Gets your client stat’s.
  • F10: Server stat’s.
  • F11: Opens a language channels for the chat system.
  • F12: Copies the last spoken thing from the game.
  • s, ssits down/ stands up
  • T: Opens the tracking menu to the players.
  • shift+T: Opens a menu to copy the players.
  • control+slash: to reply to the last private message.

3.1. The Camera

The camera allows you to see what’s around you in the game. It can be useful for looking for edges of platforms, above or below you, and locating a multitude of other things. Here’s how it works.

To use your camera, you must be holding the G Key.

While the G key is down, the following keys can be used:

  • Up, down, left and right arrows: Moves your camera. It will play sounds at the camera’s location on what it finds, e.g. walls, air, tiles, hazard, etc.
  • Page Up / Down: Moves your camera up or down.
  • T: Repeats the sound at the camera’s current location.
  • D: Speaks what is at the camera’s current tile. For example, if the camera is at 20, 20, 0, and you press D, it might say something like,
    carpet2 at 20, 20, 0.
    That means your camera detected the carpet tile at 20, 20, 0. This will tell you about multiple things that might be on the camera’s tile if applicable.
  • L: Speaks what zone the camera is focused on. For example, Hamad’s_chair.

3.3. Map Data

NOTE: This only applies if you are planning to make maps in a text editor, such as Notepad. If you are going to use the builder menu, this doesn’t necessarily apply.

  • X: Is left and right movement.
  • Y: Is forward and backward movement.
  • Z: Is up and down movement.
  • minx: Means minimum x.
  • maxx: Means maximum x.
  • miny: Means minimum y.
  • maxy: Means maximum y.
  • minz: Means minimum z.
  • Maxz: Means maximum z.

At the beginning of the map, you must have the following.

mapname: The mapname.

maxx: The maximum x of the map.

maxy: The maximum y of the map.

maxz: The maximum z of the map.


mapname Forest

maxx 100

maxy 100

maxz 100

Here is what you can do.

Spawn a platform:

tile minx maxx miny maxy minz maxz platform

tile 0 20 0 20 0 0 grass

Spawnes a sound source:

src minx maxx miny maxy minz maxz sound file volume

src 0 20 0 20 0 20 birds1.ogg -10

Spawn a zone:

zone minx maxx miny maxy minz maxz zone Text

zone 0 20 0 20 0 10 Main area of my world

Spawn a sign:

sign x y z text

sign 3 3 0 hi there, this is a test of the sign.

automover x y z dx dy dz: Will move the player to the dx dy dz, that will help you if you have a door and you need to move them some steps in to the next area or something. Let your creativity work!

hazard MaxX MinX MaxY MinY MaxZ MinZ

Will spawn a hazard in your map. If a player steps on the hazard, they will die.

3.3. Chat

To chat, press the Slash key, then type your message. Press Enter to send it for the whole server to see!

To chat locally on the map only, press Shift Slash, or L key, then type your message. Only those on your map will see the message.

In the chat box, you can also press F2 to toggle between reading of characters as you type, between on and off. Press F3 to change the behavior of how capital letters are read.

The chat box also supports the use of / commands, which will allow you to do various things in the game.

The most common ones are listed below.

  • /suicide or /s: Goes back to the main map.
  • /pm playername: Will private message a player. Example: /pm cattaleen Hello.
  • /reply or /r: Will reply to a pm.
  • /mymaps: Will show you a list of your maps.
  • /rawmap: Get the data of a map if you are a contributor.
  • /rawdata: Paste the data of your map.
  • /help: Opens a menu for other slash commands not covered in this readme.

4. Conclusion

I hope you enjoy 3DYW as much as we private beta testers have been enjoying it. If you have any questions, contact Hamad on Twitter, @hamadqr1.