change log

New in 0.2.7. Last updated in Friday, June 26, 2020

This version contain bug fixes and improved the game stability with the server.
Note, for those people they need to edit the maps with the menus, I would like to say, it’s not in this version yet. Might be in your building menu soon from the server, but yeah not sure, and I will think about it.
here’s the list of the changes:

  • +You can’t jump if you are walking in to the staircases.
  • +Fixes that issue that wen you are at unknown areas, your client will be lag.
  • +Adds new music called music13, music14 to 20.ogg.
  • +As you need, the door system will support -1 in the move speed, and should now more stable.
  • +Adds the muted feature to the speak system. Sorry late but i just remember it and complete the code, use the F5 key to toggle it off or on.
  • *Fixes the script keys system a bit. Should now be stable.
  • -Removes the map name from the speaking zone key.
  • *Fixes the automover sound system.
  • *Fixes the falling system, should now more better, also if you fall from 6 tiles instead 15 , you should lost a health. The tile called blank, or no tile at all will make you falling from 0, no annoying falling sound if you fall from z 0 anymore.
  • +Adds L key to send a local chats. Shift+slash will work also.
  • +Adds the %s to the zones, hope that will make the game better. %s will use it as a player name, note, dont use it for a chair, use it in the something, oh %s you are falling. cause everyone will get a name for he’s client.
  • +Also Adds the %s to the clock and the signs systems.
  • +Adds no walk feature to the maps, that will help admins to use it, anyone will use it for spamming, he’s map will be deleted from the server.
  • +Adds nojump in to the maps, to stop the jumping from it.
  • *Fixes a bug in the jumping system with the walls, thanks Grekko. For better exprences, you should stuck now in the walls, please contact the admins to move you out.
  • *Fixes the door loop with the input boxes. Thanks builder.
  • +Some players have an issue with the keyboard, for that I added the auto walk feature, Use the X key to toggle it. By default is enabled , note, this setting will not safed, so after a restart you can toggle it as you need.
  • +Adds the Y key to send an admin tell or admin talk for admins.
  • +Adds something called nocamera , and nocoords. These features to stop the camera or the coordinates from your map.
  • +Your client should re login now automaticly after the server update!
  • *Slightly changed the sound system. Should now be more better.
  • *Fixed the hazard system, i am sure now 🙂 sorry about all the hazards bugs, small code not works, and should works now.
  • *Improve the camera a bit, should not go to minus now, to do that in you map, add an empty wall like tile 0 100 0 100 -1 -1 wallland
  • +Adds control+/ to reply for a last pm.
  • *Fixes the jumping system a bit.
  • +Adds new musics from tunmi13.
  • *Fixes the camrra that will show the players that is not in your map.

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