Three dimensional (Your World)

Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 04:32 am

3DYW, or three Dimensional, Your World.
Is a 3D building game, in which your task is to build and try out maps using various available surfaces, ambience’s, and walls.
If you are a player of SBYW by Ivan Soto you will be very familiar with how this game works.


you can find the game rules from the link below:
3dyw rules

Download the game

The game download link have been removed by BPProductions team! , due to the game developers, they told the current players:
” the game under the development, for that, we can’t support the current version any more, to give the users the best experiences, we will stop any new users to download 3dyw and test it with this bad versions.
Sorry about this issue.
And, we’ll back soon.