• hamad posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    I was a good person, I became evil with my bad things.
    How many moments in my life I remember when I make someone be happy with his /her life, and I am happier than them, because I made happiness come to them at the end.
    All these things died?
    Where is the old Hamad?
    Why did I become like this, an insensitive person to others?
    All my actions are just due to trivial reasons and I’m not thinking properly of my mind.
    Really, I need to return the old Hamad, whom everyone loves, who helps without reward and does not hurt others with his words.
    I don’t know, I ruined wonderful friendships and relationships in my life in the last days.
    I wish I could return the time one day to fix all these stupid mistakes.
    It is impossible for things to go back to their nature as in the past, so I will disappear from everyone. I feel that I have made many, many problems, and I feel ashamed that I am talking to them again.
    No one will ever read this, so let me just talk to myself.
    This will make me better.