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      Cause we are now avoiding similarly named maps to avoid any confusion. We are not going to accept any maps with names that are similar to other official maps, such as, Challenge map, easy challenge or anything else in the official menu.
      Please, be productive with your choice next time.
      We currently have a lot of similar ideas, and we don’t need names or the ideas to be the same.
      Any maps that don’t meet these requirements will not be accepted, and will be ignored.
      Good luck in you’re next official map.
      Also, the administrators have the right to reject or remove any maps from the worlds, or the official maps for specific reasons.
      We are not forced to tell you the reason for why we rejected the map, but this is what will happen for some maps anyway.
      So, Please be patient, and we will fix these issues ASAP in the next update. If we can’t, we are so sorry, build another map if you need, and keep this one and we will fix these bugs soon.
      At the end, anyone that needs their map to be in the officials’ menu, or as a world, you should use the admin tell feature and give us some info about it, don’t forget the map name please, that will be logged. The description is required, and be sure that the description is clear, so that people are able to know what the map is about.
      You will find the map name using the M key. Don’t send the map like, hamad’s world with spaces, use hamad’s_world for example, with underscores.
      Also, you should give the players a description about the map, such as what they should do for example. Try to explain the map, or give a short story about it, anything can help the players to make you’re map clear in the official maps menu.
      An example of this is hamad’s World. Easy and not hard for beginners.

      Note, any Private messages to us will be ignored, again use the admin tell feature to add you’re map to the official maps or as a world.
      If the map doesn’t have a description, or a name that is not different from other official maps, it will be ignored.

      Here are a few tips to creating names for your official maps, this will help prevent rejections by the admins.

      1. Think about a unique title.

      If your map is a maze for example, what type of maze is it? Is it big, or small? Is it dark? Is it cold?
      Be insure you give us a title, that can explane the map, or if you can make parts in your map name, and the description can explane it.

      2. Use imagery.

      For example, A black, cold maze, or A hot maze of lava.

      Hopefully this will help get some more official maps in the game.

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