how to change the map name

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      Hello guys, today, we’re going to talk about how to change the mapname from the mapdata.
      If this guide have something wrong, please let we know.
      First, I’ll give you an example about map that’s I’d like to change the name.
      mapname example1
      maxx 100
      maxy 100
      maxz 100
      Note, I’ll not give you an example about tiles in this example map lines.
      So, as you saw, the mapname is example1, but I wanna change it to other mapname, then how to do that?
      the answer is here, it is hard If someone is not understand about mapdata works, but If you’re 3dyw players, I think you’re totally understand it already.
      Ok then first, we need the mapdata, go to your map that’s you wanna change the mapname, then type/rawmap
      again, you should go to the map that’s you wanna change the mapname.
      after you type /rawmap the current mapdata will automaticly copy to your clipboard.
      then we need notepad, I think you already know where’s the notepad is, yes, it’s in your laptop/pc already, you can type notepad in run dialog, or if you don’t need to type in run, you can type in surch by press start menu and type notepad.
      after you enter to notepad, paste the mapdata that’s already in your clipboard. If you can’t see it, try to go back to the game and type /rawmap again. it should work.
      ok as I told you in the starting point, this topic is about how to change the mapname, so we need to find the mapname line. as I gave you the example, my mapname line is example1, If you wanna change the mapname you should remove the mapname from your mapdata. so If the mapname call example1, I should remove the example1 then will have just mapname in the first line.
      after you remove the mapname, type new mapname instead your old mapname, my old mapname is example1, so I’ll replace it with the name call test1. so now it’s should say mapname test1.
      yes, now everything is done, so let me tell you about how to put all the mapdata that’s already change the mapname in the game.
      first press alt+n in the game, it will show you the form to type the mapname, so you use your newmap name, my new mapname is test1, so I’ll put test1. and follow the steps, max x, min x, max y, min y, max z, and min z.
      after you do all the map creation steps, it’s will move you to new map that’s you create, for example, I’m stay in example1 If I follow the map creation and finish all the steps, it’s will move me to new map that’s I create new, yes, it’s call test1.
      ok after that, you go back to notepad that’s you put the mapdata, copy the mapdata and then come back to the game, type /rawdata and paste your mapdata in the chat box.
      everything is finish, again. If something wrong about this guide, please let we know.
      enjoy building

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